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Whether your investment in beer means you can’t see your toes and you want to; or your current gym or PT blows; or you’ve just signed up to climb Kilimanjaro, we’d love to PLAY with you!

Rest well – Eat well – Drink well – PLAY – Think well – Work well – Love well – REPEAT.

It’s time to jump in…

Let's Play

“Simon is by far the best personal trainer that I have worked with. Having not exercised since having my two children, I was a little hesitant prior to commencing the twice weekly session. Simon made me feel completely comfortable.

By taking into account my needs, he organises well structured, challenging workouts that utilise every minute of our PT sessions. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and my strength and general fitness has greatly improved. Simon is perfect for anyone looking for a motivating, experienced and relaxed trainer who knows his stuff.”

- Dr Kate Bonehill
Doctor specialising in Allergies 

“I believe Simon’s a trainer with a dedication to improving your life, whether it be strengthening, fitness or diet. He’ll customise the training to suit your body shape, and combine that with the motivation to guide you to achieve your goals. I highly recommend this guy, who clearly loves what he does for a living, and gains a lot of satisfaction is seeing you reach your goals.”

Robert Blake

“Simon has been my trainer for nearly 5 years. He is friendly and reliable, but also focused on his clients obtaining measurable improvements – he does not let me slack off!

Simon is very flexible so that I can continue to train during my busy work periods. I have recommended many friends to Simon and the feedback has been universally positive. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon and I will continue to see him for the foreseeable future.”

- Andrew O’Brien

“At 40, illness left me with chronic pain and barely able to lift my kids. Simon has helped return confidence in basic actions, improved my posture and has brought me further in 4 weeks than I have come in 4 years. It’s not a miracle, he just knows what he’s doing. Thanks again!” 

- A new man
David Yeates

“Training for me needs to be challenging, varied and fun. Simon delivers training programs that keep my fitness levels improving whilst being ever changing. As a result, at the age of 46 years young, I ran my first marathon last year.

With Simon’s guidance I have massively improved my core strength, running ability and feel confident about my body and fitness. Thanks Simon.”

- Francesca Webster
CEO, Brazilian Beauty

let’s be honest…

it’s about changing your life one move at a time.

One by one (or perhaps two by two – it depends on you) Simon will help you find all of those muscles that you used as a kid to climb trees and run around ’til sunset…

He’ll work you hard while laughing with you (not at you) – and you’ll laugh with him as he changes it up, making sure you’re never bored… it’s all part of the game.

Personal training sessions with Simon are about growing habits to live by and having fun in the process. Think of it as inspired momentum that will change your life!

simon says…

habits to live by

    Avoid the crap – food should always be fresh, organic where viable and definitely unprocessed.
    Embrace the good fats… essentials can be easily injected into your diet by eating bucket loads of veges (especially greens), clean organic protein and a good Omega 3 supplement.
    Drink plenty of water – It’s been said before for good reason! And never, ever, drink soft drinks or other processed beverages – they’re not your friend.
    Sleep well for better health, job performance, relationships and happiness – that’s going to bed well before midnight!
    Stay curious, be inquisitive, and never stop learning! Most importantly, be open to other people’s views and ideas – you’ll be better for it.
    Step up – health, diet and exercise choices are yours alone so show yourself some love! We can help you make the change you’re capable of making – so long as you’re prepared to own it.
    Get off your butt! Daily activity, whether it’s walking the dog, riding your bike or going to the gym, is an absolute must.  You need to keep on moving!
    Don’t take life too seriously. If shit happens, (and it most likely will) take it in your stride and embrace it as part of the journey.
  5. PLAY
    Stay young. It’s been proven that Injecting elements of play into our lives invigorates us and keeps us young.
    Laugh & grow. In a nutshell, life is better when we embrace our inner-child. Simon is proud of his man-child status.



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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop playing.”

- George Bernard Shaw