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Many of the world’s most valuable companies know that individual performance management is not enough.  Research shows that one of the two common traits of a successful team is high ‘social sensitivity’ … a scientific way of saying they recognise, respect and react to each other’s non-verbal communication.

PLAY has been essential to our development since childhood because it contributes to our cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

We develop movement programs that are inclusive yet competitive, and will start to challenge perspectives on exercise and each other to fire up your teams’ minds.

It’s time to help your team win!

Let's Play

“A team that trains together, stays together. Your sessions have been instrumental in bonding our team. You test and challenge us whilst allowing us to have fun. The result is that our people are happier and more focused both at work and play. Thanks Simon.”

- Francesca Webster
Brazilian Beauty

“Barry & Nilsson Lawyers are a Queensland based legal firm operating nationally. The business employs approximately 150 people and as with many organisations of that size, we can quickly lose the opportunity to connect with other team members as we are all busy and time poor.

Our twice weekly boxing sessions at our premises are challenging but designed for differing levels of fitness. We’ve found that all participants in the program have shown improvement in their performance at work as well as their overall levels of fitness. Importantly, the sessions have provided a chance to interact with colleagues in the business which in turn has improved staff performance and boosted morale. It has proved to be a valuable investment in the business!”

- Peter Murdoch, (Partner)
Barry & Nilsson Lawyers, Brisbane

“Simon Orton ran fitness sessions for our staff for many years. The workouts were always hard work but fun, with plenty of boxing and general conditioning exercises thrown in. Simon was always on time, well organised and able to adapt quickly to varying numbers and fitness levels. His sharp wit meant there was always plenty of good banter as well! As an added bonus, Simon also acted as our primary tester for new fitness equipment and provides valuable feedback on our product range to this day.”

- Dan Benham
HART Sport

let’s be honest…

experience counts.

Our founder Simon Orton has 30+ years in the field and success in building commercial teams for himself and others.  He has spent years researching & testing diets and exercise techniques and the scientific link between mind and body through NLP.

Simon and the LifePlay crew will work with you to create the ideal program for your organisation.

so what…

five ways lifeplay sessions
help your team win

  1. Use it… or lose it…!
    The same cognitive thought processes that helped you develop as a child also unlock your capacity as an adult to focus, resist distraction, utilise memory, formulate ideas and improve processing speed. We leverage the principles of play to keep your team on game.
  2. United we stand!
    Socialisation helps define an organisation. Informal interactions foster development of corporate culture, conflict resolution, leadership and create bridging opportunities for human resource development. By aligning values and attitudes we foster greater job satisfaction.
  3. Tailored to your measurements
    Each organisation is different. We offer programs that are tailored for individual outcomes, whether it is to kickstart the heart each morning or to create some healthy social competition within or between your teams.
  4. Bend & Stretch
    It’s the little things that can make all the difference. Simon’s stretching techniques are integrated into all programs to reduce the back and neck tension that are common throughout office environments.
  5. Stay in good form
    Our experts will lead your team by pushing them and slowing them down as needed to ensure they get the most out of our sessions and you get the most out of them.

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“Fire up your mind and body through play.”

- simon orton