Brisbane Boxing For Fitness

Live strong.
Box for life.

 Achieve rapid weight loss

 Seriously kick some arse in competition

 Improve your co-ordination

 Build self esteem

 Narrow your focus

Join the LifePlay 6 Week Boxing Bootcamp starting on 7th January at our base at Fortitude Boxing.

Limited to 12 spots…

for the love of boxing…

we’ve got you covered.

Our Founder, Simon has had a long love affair with boxing for one reason alone – it’s the best possible full body workout to challenge you mentally and physically.

Simon has trained some of the best professional and amateur boxers to come out of Brisbane. He’s ready to help you master the techniques to hit your fitness goals.

Make boxing your best friend.

“Boxing is a chess game. You have to be skilled enough and have trained hard enough to know how many different ways you can counterattack in any situation, at any moment.

- Boxing a chess game
Jimmy Smits

To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.

- Be a champ
Sugar Ray Robinson

Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.”

- Rhythm is everything in boxing
Sugar Ray Robinson

why box?

top 5 benefits to boxing with LifePlay

    Say hello to your new best friend for burning calories!
    Boxing is high intensity training at it’s best. Feel the burn during your session and reap the benefits for hours afterwards. Achieve a hot bod in no time as the fast and repetitive action of punching helps you build toned, taut muscles without the bulk.
    When working overtime is a good thing.
    Boxing works your body to the max. In each and every training session you’ll get your heart pumping and muscles contracting in perfect harmony. This forces your heart and lungs to get really good at delivering oxygen around your body which is a win for your body and mind.
    Amp up your strength
    It’s all about correctly moving and punching to work your legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest and arms to strengthen your joints, tendons and ligaments. Resistance equals power. Boxing helps you increase your lean muscle mass and keeps your metabolic rate burning at maximum capacity. In the long run it means healthier, stronger bones for life.
    No one wants to see you lose it!
    Boxing will getting you moving in all sorts of directions at speed, engaging your muscles and enhancing your core stability. You’ll learn balance that would make
    Mr Miyagi proud.
    Stress hits hard every day…
    and we all know letting it out feels good – like really good! Boxing is one of the few physical activities that helps you let go of the stresses in your life in a safe and controlled way. Punch the bag or the focus pads and feel the world melt away.



ready to punch up your fitness routine?

join our boxing bootcamp

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2 x 45 minute group sessions per week (6 weeks total).
Rapid results, lasting change.
Instant stress relief.

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