About Us

life is short

we’re here to help you make a change for the better.

As individuals, we made our minds up ages ago. As a team, we support other people in making their change by firing up the mind and body through play. We combine decades of experience in personal training and improvement with a good dose of tongue-in-cheek to help take your mind off how hard it seems.

Change is never easy – so categorically it should not start with a session from hell with some young runt ranting until you vomit. Gradual development is the name of the game to build a positive relationship between you moving and you liking it… enough to do it again …and again …and again!


It’s time to make your decision.

Let's Play

meet our founder

simon orton

Simon is a living, breathing, personal experiment. Diet or regime, he’s tried and tested it all.

As a boy, he recognised that modern health and fitness are forms of deconstructed play… and so he has set about a lifetime of running & jumping, climbing & walking, stretching & skipping, laughing & playing.

Now, with over fifty years on the clock, yup 50, he’s refined his focus to getting our sedentary society moving well at every age.

A life of health, wellness, experimentation and education shows that our bodies and minds work better when we move regularly and deliberately without taking it all too seriously. Couple this with a sensible approach to what we put in to our bodies and nothing can hold us back.

Let’s be honest, you already know it’s that easy!
It’s time to let us show you how to do it…

what we stand for

the lifeplay values

Laugh together.

Grow together.

Be frank.

Move & think.

Embrace experience.


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“Play is a basic human need, as essential to our well-being as sleep. The rejuvenating benefits of play need to be incorporated it into our everyday lives.”

- Dr. Stuart Brown founder National institute for play